Welcome to Lion Heart Motivation, where we are working to inspire, motivate, build a community based on positive energy, and to help each other overcome the obstacles we are facing in our lives today.

Currently, this blog is meant to introduce the community to myself Brian Frick and Lion Heart Motivation. I will share my stories, my experiences, my thoughts and ideas about overcoming adversity, problem solving, community building, motivation, education, and ways to build a stronger “US”.

All too often in our society the focus is on the negative, the traumatic, or sensational, we cut each other down to get to the next level, taking little time to learn about those we just stepped over. My hope is that we can begin to learn more about our differences, our similarities and how we can come together to improve our communities, both domestic and internationally.

I have began speaking, but that part of the Company is just in the infancy stages. I can say that what I offer is a genuine spirit, that will uplift, educate and inspire those with whom I Speak. If you are interested in learning more about me and what Lion Heart has to offer please feel free to contact me via email, text, or phone.

Brian P. Frick





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