Finding Our Gift!

We all have a gift, no matter who you are, where you are, or what you may look like. AS educators, parents and community members it is our responsibility to help you find that gift. What makes you special? We all have multiple gifts and many times those are not found in our current educational system. We are missing a large percentage of our youth, they do not have a purpose, because their gifts have been found.

In talking with many people today and in the last few days, this is a key to success, a key to greatness, understand WHY we are here. I believe that we should be helping our students find themselves, learn about who they are where they come from and why they exist.

When I was a kid growing up and attending school, I did not know my purpose, I did not know my gifts. I knew I was a great hockey player, athlete, but as it related to everything else….I have NO CLUE. I thought I was dumb, not capable of being successful in a classroom, it was what I thought, therefore it was what I was. It wasn’t until I got to Community College that I found one of my gifts, psychology and the mind….It captivated me, inspired me and brought out my interest in school. I went from a 1.8 overall in High School to a 3.75 GPA in my first semester.

Then my accident happened and it was another lesson for me to learn. I found that I was a lot stronger than I thought, I was determined to be more than I was, to take advantage of this second chance at life. To find my purpose! I did and I am still am finding new gifts each year.

It is a story of finding self, overcoming adversity and striving for greatness, but did I need to go through this horrific event to get me there? Maybe? Yet, I also know that after going through 12+ years of school I had little idea of what I was here for and that to me as an educator is unacceptable. We must do a better job of find students purpose, finding those gifts and helping them fine tune and grow these skills. Help them see the greatness in each of them and bring out that energy that runs through and between us all!

For American Education to be successful in a global economy we must help our students find themselves, their gifts, their greatness…It is in us ALL! What are your gift

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