Taking Control: from Victim to Victor

The Last few days I have been blogging about what kids and people are going through in lives and how it affects their future. I have been struggling with all the things I am hearing from people because it makes me sad that people have faced some many demons and yet are still here, unfortunately, most people are surviving, they are not living. So how do we go from these struggles, these dark places to strength?

Let’s get real, making change is NOT easy, there is no magic bullet, no quick fix. Will Smith has an Excellent video, it is called Fault vs. Responsibility. Yes..many things have happened to all of us, and these events vary in severity, but what we do with those events is what separates the “victim from the victor.” So how do I do this? I ma going to talk about many different options, because each person is different and there is no one right answer.

The only thing that is a must….You Must look in the mirror! You cannot place blame, you cannot point your finger…we are not talking about whose fault is it that you are where you are. We are talking about CHANGE. To make CHANGE in you, you MUST focus on YOU.

I believe we are the creators of our own future. I do not believe in luck, good or bad, what I do believe is that what we think, what we believe, what we say….is what we manifest. So if i am always telling myself and the world that I can’t, I’m not, I’m dumb, I’m ugly, I’m not worth it…This story you tell yourself is the story that will play itself out right in front of you. I believe there is some truth to the law of attraction, what we put out there, is what comes back…Whether it comes back because we connect with a power or energy greater than ourselves, or it comes back because we  make it so, what matters is it comes back.

So whatever it is that you want in life, think it, see it, say it, be it. If we want to be happy, to make better choices, then you have to start thinking differently. Change your mind, change your life. Mindset is powerful!!!! You have to start changing the story that plays out in your thoughts, changing from the negative to the positive, from the I think I can, to I know I can….

This means that when that story starts rolling out in your thoughts, and that story is negative, you have to STOP. You have to actively tell yourself….NO this is not going to be my story….I CAN change it, I MUST change it and I WILL Change it. What ever it is you want, write it down, print it out and put it everywhere you look throughout the day. Places like the bathroom mirror, in your car, on your notebooks, your planner, at your desk.

Now, you have your plan, you have  written and posted it everywhere…now you have to practice…practice….practice. When those thoughts come into your mind…SAY STOP! If no one is around, Say it out loud. I am the creator of my story, my past is my strength that will help me create this story. Every time that negativity creeps in, STOP, refocus, and create a new story through positive thinking, through visualization, through what you think, what you say, then what you do.

The negative stuff in your life, the things that you can are pulling you in the wrong direction you must let go. That means if there is person or people that continually send messages, that stress you out, they say things that hurt you….STOP. Distance yourself from them and find other people or other things to refocus your thoughts…..


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