Fighting the Good Fight

It has been sometime since I have written on my blog, the reason being, I have had to go through 2 major surgeries on my back. The first to deal with a few if the multiple herniated discs in my back. The second, because I developed a Staph Infection in my spine. I am STILL in considerable pain and fighting off depression and frustration.

The truth is, we ALL struggle, we all have times of weakness, no matter if you are a survivor, a fighter, a warrior, or anyone else. It bothers me when I hear motivational speakers talk as if they fought their demons in their past and no longer have struggles. WE ALL struggle, we all have many, many, problems; some big and some small, but there are ALWAYS problems present in everyone’s life. I am writing because I want others to see that yes, I have struggles, yes I fight depression, constant pain, and frustrations, but I FIGHT! NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER GIVE IN.Brain-Power