Sun Rise

AS the sun rises, and my eyes slowly open, the day begins.It is my choice to make this day great or let it flow by. I stand and glare into the the mirror, the reflection of strength snd power, bounces back at me. I am a warrior and need to prepare, I am strong, and I am smart, and I can and will handle whatever challenge that comes my way.

The sadness tries to stride into my thoughts…I STOP….I CHALLENGE….And I override the negative.  This is a fight that I must face everyday for I am a warrior, But I am also a Human, and I have faults. I have doubts and I have days of uncertainty, yet I always search the great abyss for the shining light that is always there.


That light that is within us all, for some the search maybe a little more difficult, yet the light it is still there. The good, the bad and the Ugly, are there for your choosing. You must strive to thrive, you must look to each corner of life to find that Pride…..For it is hidden in the darkness, around the corner, or through the door…It is there.

So I search…Through the darkness, blind like a bat, I search and I search for that ray of light that is within us all. AS I get closer and closer, the light grows in strength….I see it, I feel it, and I grab it.  Taking hold of that light and never letting go. This eternal fight for light will continue and continue, and I will search for that glowing opportunity

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