As I lie on the gurney, my body destroyed, my heart beat slowing, I can feel the energy and the power of the universe pulling at me….My spirit rises above my body and connects with the one…..

There I am below, torn and battered, I feel a sadness run though me…18 years old, and so far from being the man I wanted to be….Quiet and shy, tentative and reluctant to take chances, I was a body full of potential, yet now that potential is dying before me…wasted….

I can feel a pull at my soul, a feeling of peace and unity….I begin to soar like an eagle floating above, no worries, no pain, no stress and no fear…Just freedom and peace….I am me, but I am more…

The presence of something greater than me, pulsing into my spirit….A power that words cannot explain. Energy….everywhere, bright blue, and ever changing ball of….GOD. That is what I am seeing, what I am feeling, a power that can breath life into the world, yet a power we have not touched yet. God is us and we are God….If we can just reach out and feel it, share it and be it, then this anger we feel, this fear that ignites violence and hate would lift like a fog burning off in the morning sun.

I see that there is reason for everything, reason for good and reasons for evil. Everything has a plan and everything a purpose, while we are here, we need to find that purpose, for that is what drives us. We all have one, we all have a greatness that lies dormant in our soul, just waiting for us to breathe life into its being. To bring it to the surface, through the darkness, and into the light, to grow and be nurtured, to spread its beauty to the world above….it’s in us all….dig deep enough and you will find it, work hard enough and it will rise to the surface for all to see….

This is what I learned as my spirit sailed into the depths of the universe. I saw what we can be, as individuals and as a people. The energy is endless, having no beginning and no end, it is untapped and ready for us to reach out and grab hold, ready for us to open and share like a gift under a tree….to spread its eternal power from one to another….

To do this I learned, we must first believe in our spirit, our oneness with life. To see the greatness that lies inside us, to grip it with might, and never let go….To raise it above us and share as Mufasa shared his son with his kingdom….

Then we MUST come together, support one another. Celebrate each others greatness, and be what we were meant to be, the glue that holds this amazing planet together. Be one!


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