The Power of UNITY

It amazes me to see how we treat one another, how we fear that which we do not know. That fear turns to hate, and the hate to violence. When will we grow as Humans, learn that YES we are different, YES we believe in different Gods, or no Gods at all. We are different shades, have different languages, and different cultures, but isn’t that what makes this amazing world so special?

I sit back and watch the slurs thrown about, the ignorance that runs our streets rampant, but why? Why does the color of your skin determine whether you are good or bad, a success or a criminal? Why if I call my God Allah, or Zeus, or just God, does it matter to another? It is my belief and my belief is just that, mine.

I love the differences, I try to learn as much as I can about each religion, because there is a lot more in common between them then different. Which is very similar to people in general…Black, White, Tan….Asian….American…African….Male…Female….shall I go on….you get the idea. What is it that people really want? Everyone to believe in the same God…Be the same color…just too boring for me.

It makes me sad to see what is happening….the inequalities….My son, who I adore, goes to a school in Royal Oak which is about 10 miles from the school I work at in Detroit. The differences are night and day…WHY?

The Doors to My son’s School…

ROMS Doors

Pool At Royal Oak Middle School.


Doors Entering Osborn Evergreen

Osborn Doors

Talk about Closing Our school

Save our schools

Osborn does have a pool, but there is no water, and it is falling apart. Osborn is a High School and my sons school a Middle School, why is there such a difference?

Osborn Neighborhoods

Osborn Neighborhood

Royal Oak Homes

RO Neigh

Please remember, we are talking about maybe 10 miles. The differences are incredible, and it makes me ashamed. We need to be better as people. We need to understand different perspectives. If we can do that, things would start to change.

Think about this….Below is my pet Rock…His name is Echo

Echo the Rock

Echo can teach us a lot about Life, about perspectives….So here is a question, Echo the Rock….is sitting in my classroom, on the floor, no one is near him, is he MOVING?

Perspective… It is a very powerful word and a very powerful idea…When we are able to see from multiple perspectives, we see the world so differently. If we could see the world from another persons eyes, it would blow us away. Working in the City of Detroit, I see it, I am white and 99% of the people and students I work with are Black. I work very hard to see life from their views and what I see is a world that oppresses, a world that is far from equal. Yet, I am treated with complete respect, they listen and we work as a team. I love my students, they are family! It does not take a rocket scientist to see the power of Unity!

Back to Echo, my pet rock….He is moving….in many different ways from many different perspectives….When we start to see things from another views, we realize, how much we can learn when we stop, listen and see. Echo moves because the Earth moves, it rotates, it orbits, then there are the plates under our feet that are always in constant motion. But Echo moves all by himself….Echo and everything else in the universe are made of energy. Molecules so small they can not been seen by the naked eye, but when we look very closely, we see that those molecules that make the rock solid are in constant motion…therefore Echo is moving all by himself.

All of a sudden, you are seeing differently, you are seeing that your view is not the only view, and that it may not even be the best view. It makes you stop! It makes you think, and it makes you question everything. What if I am wrong, or not completely right? What if there is a better way to see it or a better way things could be done? I can learn, I can grow, we can learn, we can grow….and all of this because of a rock named Echo.

All I ask of those that reading this is that you STOP….THINK…LISTEN….AND GROW. Force yourself to see different perspectives, hear different points of view, listen and learn. Then work those views into your own. Respect another perspective, don’t fear it, learn about and I think you will see you have a lot more in common then you ever imagined.


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