The Storm

Lion Storm

As the storm rolls in, I hear from within the clouds….”Can you withstand the storm….I the warrior reply….I am the storm, can you withstand me?” I am a warrior and even though I am strong and I pride myself in greatness, I do mess up, I do make mistakes….But with ever mistake, with ever failure….I RISE…I GROW STRONGER…AND I FIGHT!

So often we hear stories from motivators, they tell about the storms they fought, how they rose through the rain and the wind to greatness, yet don’t they face struggles today? The truth is that we all face adversity, yesterday, today, and in the future. We all have problems, that is a given. No person on earth, goes a day without some problem. Bottom line, everyone, everywhere has many problems varying in degrees, but they are there and they must learn to deal.

I am a warrior, I fight! That is what I do. Yet there are times when life throws you a titanic storm, and it never comes when you are at your strongest. My storm has rolled in, some of my own creation, some not, but it is here and I will fight with all I have.

The tide has rolled out, the storm gaining in strength, I prepare. My body at it’s weakest in years, My mind…at its strongest! My storm will require me to be at my best, can I be? That is the question? Is there self doubt? Of course there is? Is there uncertainty? Yep! I am a warrior though, but I am human. So I must reach deep inside my soul, to retrieve the energy I need to withstand the power of the devils storm. I must build the energy around me, in me, and beyond me, because I must become the storm to fight the storm….

I have faced many storms of the past and risen stronger, wiser, and ready for the next one to roll in! I am a warrior and I will rise!

So I rise, the mighty wind begins to blow, the rains begin to fall like meteors falling from the sky, striking me, and knocking me back. I rise…and I fall….only to rise again. This epic battle rages on, I must look to others, to help me gain the strength that I am lacking. A true warrior does not fight alone, they surround themselves with others to help them, to support them…I may be in a battle, but I am not alone.

The waves begin to smash my body, the words of the devil flowing though my mind, “You cannot win this battle warrior…you are not strong enough to endure this storm.” Questions speed through my thoughts, wondering if I have what it takes to rise again and again, with the waves crashing, one after another, the pain searing through my body, crippling both body and spirit….I am tired….I can feel the fear striking at my soul….Again I hear the words….”YOU CANNOT ENDURE MY STORM….” The pound into my head, over and over. “You may be strong mentally, but I will break your body!”

My body is my weakness….and the storm knows it….So he whips me over and over again, wave after wave, he smashes my body….I tire….but I rise….”My body may be weak….But my mind is strong…I CAN….and….I WILL…endure your storm….I WILL rise….and strike back with vengeance….CAN YOU WITHSTAND ME!”

The sun begins to shine, the winds slow, and the waves loose their ferocity. I lick my wounds, and prepare…for this battle is not over, there is more to come….I am in the eye….I take some deep breathes, I shake it off, I rise and I rest. The Devil’s Storm has beaten me down, but has not won! I am a warrior and I will fight to the end….You cannot win, there is not quit in me….I will see you soon, I hope you are ready!



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