My Pride…A Breath of Fresh Air

My Pride

Time it is such a precious idea, we’re always rushing through it, not paying attention to it. Yet there are those moments when time seems to slow, and the world shines a little brighter.

This moment in time is now for me, in a place that all around the world want to be, the warm sun, the the ocean and the fun. I connect….with a family that people only see on TV or their dreams. Time it slows, if just for this moment, I want to soak in all of the love and energy.

Times… when I walk into the frosty arena…the smell of hockey….the lost memories of me…..the excitement in the air….and I walk in with my best friend….My brother….

As we walk in, I feel a sense of pride, he is everything a big brother could ever wish for his younger….An amazing father, a kind heart, a leader, a warm smile. He makes me proud, and I am blessed to walk in and coach with him. He is one of many in my families pride.

The leader of our pride high above on mountain top, the heavenly air flowing through his mane, chest high, head up, as he sees his young thriving and striving in his honor. There is a reason Lion families are called prides, and I believe…it’s moments like these, when PRIDE….is the only word to explain.

The Lioness of our pride, she is with us too, time again slows, just for these moments…she….she is the heart of our pride. Teaching her lions to be proud, to care for the world, seeing greatness in them both. She inspires her young to be the leaders of their pride. Its at this moment that I glance over and my momma lion is radiating happiness. She is with her pride and nothing makes her happier.

Our Pride is large, but our Pride is apart….tonight our Pride connects….with a part that was thought to be out there, but missing. She spent her early years with another Pride, gaining strength, loved and cared for, she felt the strength to search, with the support of her strong new pride she went out looking, needing to find her other home. Then she found us….a day that took our pride to another level.

For this Lion, I have to say it was a special connection. One that goes deep, talking for hours about life, about our trials and tribulations. Time, what a wonderful idea….especially in moments like these.

Her lioness joining her tonight, a cub coming into her own. She was my breathe of fresh air, a strong cub, not following the herd of sheep all around. Believing in the real, and not the digital world most prides are lost in. A smile that lights up ever room she walks into, a the power of her words…she reminds this Lion of himself….Pride!!!!!

Time…So precious….spend it wisely, for all to often our time spent is time lost to what? Emptiness, unhappiness, be wise, take pride. For this is my PRIDE:


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