They Say I Can’t….Are they right?

They say you can’t, they say you won’t. Do you listen, do you believe in what you are hearing? We are so powerful, our brains, our minds, the energy available to us in this universe, what is impossible?

That is the question, but the answer is not always as easy as “Just do it”!  There are a lot of factors that go into overcoming the negativity. The old addige “fake it till you make it”, works for some, but by no means does it work for all, maybe not even most. So what do you do when faking it doesn’t work?

You must step aside and understand that your perspective may not be enough, because you may not be able to see the root cause of your struggles. Asking for help is strength. Looking for guidance and differing perspectives is strength. If you want to over come the barrier which lies in front of you, put down your ego, and ask for help.

Much of why we do what we do lies in our past, from things we were taught, to traumas we went through. To bring these out it requires work on our part, a willingness to get guidance from a trained professional, not because we are “Broken”, but because we are “Human”. To grow, we must reflect, see ourselves from different perspectives, and to take  it all together and build on our existing foundation.

Building takes work, it takes a strong will to fight through the storm especially during the darkest times. This is when the story you tell yourself makes or breaks you. If you believe  what others have told you, that you can’t, then you won’t. During your work on the foundation, you should be rewriting your story, from I think I can, or maybe I can’t, to I know I can.

To overcome these barriers, you must fight the negative, check it, correct it and make your dream a reality. Get rid of words like, I’ll try, I think I can, maybe, never. They will all keep you from reaching your goals. It is a process and it takes work, but the way I look at life is sometimes I win….Sometimes I Learn….But I always grow!

To overcome barriers, you must make it a life style, not just a thing you say, but a way of life.

More to come on overcoming


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