This amazing universe is made of energy, from the farthest galaxies right down to the most basic element. Everything we see is….ENERGY…….the trees as they sway in the night breeze, the rain drops falling from the sky, you and I….

We are all connected by this amazing energy, yet so unconnected to ourselves and the world around us. The energy is there, every where, can’t always see it, can’t always feel it, but it is there. Sometimes we stumble across this power, and it staggers us, it almost startles us, because it is so far from the norm.

We are taught that we are individuals and our American Society has abused that idea, we NEED one another, we need to love and care for each other, not try to win as individuals. When we are “One” we are unconnected, we are the lone wolf trying to survive without the pack.

I am not sure if this happens to anyone else, but when I talk to certain people, or Im in certain places, I can feel myself expanding exponentially, connecting with energy so untapped. It is an amazing feeling and one that is hard to explain.

It’s like when I am wading out into the dark Michigan Lake waters on a clear and starry night, I feel this connection to everything and everyone. It is like a swirling ball of energy surging through my nerves. I feel the energy in the water, the electricity pulsing through the cool summer breeze, it goes through me and keeps on going from one object to the next….I can feel it in my soul, feel each objects energy, its power, and its connection to me.

We are all connected this way, connected through this unseen highway of flowing warmth, of radiant essence, and never ending freedom. It is there right before us, if we would just open ourselves; the world we  see would shine in ecstasy.

I feel that energy as I write, connected through thousands of miles of energy, connected to a source more powerful than me, for I am not alone. I can feel your energy, your breeze, your summer warmth, the chill in the air on a cold winters morning. It all is running through me. I can feel the energy of people, the ones close and the ones far, as if they were here, as if they were one. I can feel those that have past, they are here, I can feel them, their infinite energy touching my soul.

Energy….Connected! WOW!


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