The Day I Died

It was a cold December Morning, I was coming out of my last class of the semester and I was living on a cloud. I had just received my grades and I had achieved a 3.75 G.P.A., I had done it! You have to understand that throughout my high school career grades were not my thing, in fact, I believed “I was dumb as a sack of rocks”,  and my grades proved it; graduating with a whopping 1.8 GPA overall.

So my friend and I walked out of that building with an amazing sense of pride and accomplishment! He looked at me and said, let’s go celebrate! Those were the last words I spoke to anyone, before that fateful moment….

BOOOOOOMMMMMM – searing pain, and coldness is all I felt. My car had been hit nearly head on by a fully loaded car transport carrying a full load of pick-up trucks traveling well above the posted speed of 45mph. Witnesses said the truck was probably traveling 60-70mph trying to make the light.

The driver of the van which I landed on, recalled the event, saying he had a feeling I was going to turn. He saw the car in front of me (my friend) go and cut it close, my car followed and was not so lucky. He said he remember the sound and then saw the bottom of my car coming towards him. He ducked and my car crushed the middle-front section of the van and slid off.

I was thrown through the windshield, the engine crushing my right leg keeping me in the car. I laid there in a pool of my own blood, slowly slipping away into darkness. People said there was this man that came onto the scene, he said he was an off duty EMT, they said he spoke to me, kept me somewhat conscious and alive. When police and fire arrived he disappeared. I believe this was my guardian angel, my Grandfather that past away when I was 2.

The next 30 minutes alterer my thinking forever! While in the ambulance I coded once and the paramedics were able to revive me. The next time I coded, I was in the hospital waiting outside the operating room…I remember floating above my body, looking down and seeing tubes, and nurses around me, I remember hearing voices, but not being able to make out the words. My face was was shredded, like a bear had swung it’s giant claws across my face, the skin that was visible was flat white, with a grayish tint. I felt a pull and then it was dark……

What happened next is very hard to explain, hard to put into words that make sense, I was in this pathway with my life on one side and knowledge of life on the other. (Again, this is hard to explain) The story I was seeing was so far from what I had been taught as a Christian.

I was seeing levels and levels of life, the best way to explain what I was seeing is to say that our spirits go through schooling, just  like us, and this life we are in is just a grade for our soul or spirit to learn from and grow. To truly know something we must experience it ourselves.

What I saw next was breathe taking, it was a ball of energy, bluish in color with rays of energy emanating from every part of the ball. I believe this ballot energy was God and all of the rays were individual lives. It was at this point I felt the pull, it was not my time, I had to return…but I did not want to, the feeling was too powerful, too free, there was no pain, no worries. I felt like what I imagine an eagle feels as it glides through the air on a beautiful sunny summer day over Lake Michigan. Freedom, peace, alive!!!!

Then Darkness once again…..8 days later I would wake, in pain, in fear and uncertain of anything…..It would take time for me to process what I had been through during my death and the above is part of what I went through…..


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