The Human Spirit

As I watching the show House of Cards, and I watch our own House of Cards with our state governments and Federal government, it saddens me. We The People are better than that, we care more than that…Don’t we? Crushing others so I can better my position in life, is not what makes “us” better. Does it?

As an athlete I was always of the understanding that it’s team work that makes the dream work. Yet, look at our country, many of our leaders, CEO’s, rich, successful, and prosperous, for many of them they have gotten to where they are on the backs of others, by selling their souls, or others souls to move on.

I thought about running in politics, but why would anyone vote for some one that won’t step on the little guy. I am not a socialist, I am just a believer in “we” are as strong as “our” weakest link. So why not put my hand out, help some one up, talk to the person holding the sigh asking for money, just say hi, how are you? Make a nice comment, because the dollar you give them may by them food, but your comment just might buy them hope.

That is what I want to create…HOPE. I want people to believe in themselves and others, to look into the mirror, and smile, no matter how many scars you may have, or how few dollars are in your pocket. The Mindset has to change!

When speak in front of others I look to uplift those that are there, I want them to feel like anything is possible. I LOVE people, I LOVE helping people and I am just getting started!

Be The Change, Smile, Believe, and inspire!

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