A Warriors Battle

Today I woke  in pain, but fought through it. I listened to a few motivational tapes and prepared for my fight. What is my fight? I have to go to school and teach, motivate, inspire and guide my students all while having trouble standing. The pain I feel runs through my lower spine and wraps around my hips like lightning striking a tree and bolting down the truck. It feels like a hot streak of pain to my toes. That is the pain I feel when I stand or sit, turn or bend. The other pain is like a constant knife being stuck into my body and slowly twisted, or a twisting of my muscles until I buckle.

I am a warrior, and I fought like hell today. I won my battle, I taught and inspired, and I was proud of what I did today, because I know my message reached at least a few, if not more! Yet, tonight I lay in bed licking my wounds and feeling the effects of a great battle fought. The pain I feel is immense, to the point that tears streak down my cheek. I am strong, but for now my shield is lowered and I cry alone. Releasing my fears, my worries, my pain and my sorrow. For a warrior is tough, and a warrior knows when and where they can let down their guard. My guard is down, and I bleed for now. Tomorrow I will rise again, most likely in pain and prepare myself for battle, a battle I will win once again and pay the price for grinding through.

This price to me is worth that fight, because my goal is to motivate, inspire, and guide others through their rocky road to success. I live the battle, I do not just talk it! So I share this tale of a Warrior’s fight with you, so you can say I will do it to. I CAN. I WILL. I MUST

Good Night From one warrior to another, fight the good fight and heal yourself to fight again.




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