My Obituary: Until Next Time

I am writing my obituary today not because I am going to or want to die, but because I want to LIVE! When I do die, I want  my life to have meaning, I want my spirit to grow immeasurably, I want my life to have touched, hundreds…no thousand…NO MILLIONS!
I have been through hell, my pain continually tries to pull me back into the fiery pits, but my spirit refuses! So here is my obituary:

Today we lost a man that always fought for everyone, no matter their age, their gender, their race, or their religion. He believed that everyone had a purpose, everyone had a gift and his was to guide people to greatness, helping them see themselves, their strengths and their weaknesses. He want people to hear his story, his struggles and successes because he lived by example, not just words.

He touched too many to state and those people touched others, pay it forward was something that he preached, telling others that all he wanted in return was for them to do unto others as he did them. He wanted them to be great, be kind and be a leader, and he told others that being a leader meant making those around them better.

He was a son to an amazing mother, one who taught him kindness, and generosity, she taught him to love others…even when they did not love him back. He was a son to a father that taught him that you are a father first, to sacrifice for your family and friends, and to go the extra mile for others, because it was right. He was a father with 2 amazing sons that he worked to instill greatness in them, he wanted them to be great in their own right, with their own identity not his, teaching them that anything was possible even when the odds were stacked against them. Love, kindness and having a destiny was the gift he left. He was a husband that made mistakes, but learned, grew and strived to be the rock that she needed. When they married, he did not want her to take his name, because that was her identity not his. She did not complete him, because he was whole, he wanted her for her, not because she was property or an object, but because she was  a partner, a friend.

As his Great Aunt Roma said every time they parted ways, it’s not good-bye, it is until next time. He took this to heart and believed that physical death was not the end, but a new beginning and a transformation that grew because of his growth here on earth. He leaves us with the following….BELIEVE in the PERSON in the GLASS, for you are your God, your creator, or your destructor. You are your greatest supporter, or your greatest foe, for it is your perspective that drives you forward. So continue to strive with love and kindness for yourself first and then everyone else. Please do not hold hate in your heart, let it go and embrace life!


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