A Man’s Struggle

A Man’s Struggle

Black Hole

When we let

The Struggle

Tear us down

But Why?

This moment in time

Like a Black Hole

In my heart

Tears me apart

But How?

The pain inside

Strikes like a knife

In my heart

A tear in my eye


I am a man

And a tear I will not shed

Men are strong

Rise and fight!

The Pain is buried.

I am good, right?

Black Hole tomorrow

Another day, another struggle

The pain inside grows

Like a hole in space

The anger rises

But why?

This struggle I face today

Is small.

Yet the anger I feel

Like a raging fire

I am a man….

So I bury the pain

And the rage today.

I am good, right?

Another Day Black Hole

I open my eyes,

I am angry,

But why?

I feel this darkness inside



Am I angry….

I don’t know

So I rise

And go about my day

Others words irritate me…

Why you looking at me like that…

Get off my back

I explode…..

But Why?

Am I angry?







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